10:58 Yeesh, you guys shattered the daily traffic record for this site in three measly hours. I need to live blog more often. Let’s end with watching B&D once again not know how to fill up the dead time.

10:54 Kenny came back to win it again. He deserves it, too.

10:52 She’s even wearing the dress they buried her in.

10:48 Wow, they’ve defrosted Barbara Mandrell so she can give out Entertainer of the Year.

10:46 Vince just showed how it’s supposed to be done. Everyone else looks like amateurs now.

10:44 You’re right, Kix. You guys have made him look better the past three years. Hopefully viewers will go get the Vince 4-CD set that just came out. This is one of the best songs on it.

10:41 Don’t be sad, Brad. You just won Album!

10:39 In case you’re wondering, Carrie’s the fourth artist in history to win their vocal award plus horizon in the same year: Last three were Ricky Skaggs (Horizon and Male 82), Alison Krauss (Horizon and Female 95) and Dixie Chicks (Horizon and Vocal Group 98)

10:35 Carrie says this is the best night of her life. That’ll get the naysayers in her corner!

10:34 Carrie Underwood! Ha! Did you see Faith do the fake outrage bit?

10:33 Billy Ray just got served by his daughter.

10:31 They should’ve stood up for Sara. Oh well.

10:29 Okay, I have to admit. I’m rooting for Sara Evans. Is it too late to change my pick?

10:20 Jason Aldean didn’t get any nominations. How did he nab a performance slot?

10:16 Letting a Hall-of-famer talk and they’re not even a superstar. Damn right.

10:13 Weird to see an American Music Awards commercial brag that the Chicks are appearing during the CMA telecast.

10:08 Carrie won Horizon. First winner I’m on board with.

10:07 Kelly Pickler. Yay.

10:04 Where did Josh Turner’s hair go? He looks like Justin Timberlake.

10:00 Faith sounds awesome. This is my favorite single of hers to date.

9:55 ABC is promoting “the return of Sara Evans”? Way to milk a scandal.

9:53 At least they gave Musical Event to Paisley/Parton. Maybe he’ll get album. I’m starting to feel bad for him.

9:51 I think this Lambert record, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, will be huge. She’s not quite pulling it off live, but she’s probably nervous. Don’t get the rain, though. Fire last year, now rain this year. Cut down on the special effects.

9:49 What a classy letter, even if it is from rehab. Here comes Miranda Lambert.

9:48 Male Vocalist goes to….Keith Urban! I can’t believe Brad is getting shut out again. Nice show of love for Urban.

9;47 What’s with the dead time. Aren’t the hosts supposed to be paying attention?

9:46 News bulletin. Little Jimmy Dickens is actually dead, and the man sitting behind him is pulling his hands together to make it look like he’s clapping.

9:43 Paul is right. Dierks Bentley is really good.

9:37 Brooks & Dunn. Fourth award tonight. Fourteenth win in this category. Are they really this good? Am I missing something?

9:36 First Gary Allan, now Trisha Yearwood. Why are our best singers presenting?

9:32 Funny that Kix said The Wreckers show country can rock a bit, since these girls are turning in a much more country performance than the one that B&D opened with.

9:31 Chesney sounds better than usual. Anybody notice he’s also singing backup? Gotta love backing tracks.

9:23 Great acceptance speech. Fans first, industry in the middle, family last. Class act.

9:18 Strait’s going in the Hall of Fame. Good for him.

9:15 Oops. Spoke too soon. Here come da shriek.

9:13 It is. Good job of rewriting it. I’d rather hear it from Kathy Mattea or Olivia Newton-John, but it’s tolerable from McBride. Thank you for not shrieking tonight.

9:12 “Anyway” is the name of the song Martina’s about to do. I wonder if it will be based on that poem about doing things anyway.

9:08 Commercial break reflection: four awards given so far, and not one artist or song that I like have won yet. Sigh.

9:06 Hey Gary, while you’re thanking God for giving you a stage to stand on, thank the carpenters for reinforcing it so you don’t fall through. Seriously. Put down the cheeseburger. You’re three times the size of the maximum weight a female artist can be these days and still get a record deal on the Row.

9:06 Four years in a row for Rascal Flatts. Meh. Bring back the Chicks.

9:05 “Knocked up and blind.” How about she hosts next year?

9:04 Is Kimberly Williams the new Lisa Hartman Black, presenting ’cause her hubby’s a country star?

9:02 Come on, a Mariah-style breakdown? Give me a break.

9:00 Gary’s gonna go get a burger or eight with Craig Wiseman after the show. “My wish, is fish, with chips and sauce on the side.”

8:59 Kix: “I’m kidding, y’all!” Guess what, Kix. If you have to keep telling people it’s a joke, you’re just not funny.

8:53 Second anniversary clip is Dolly & Kenny. Yawn.

8:51 I know why! They sound like Fleetwood Mac but look like Abba! That’s scary!

8:50 Little Big Town is scaring me. Can’t put my finger on why.

8:49 We “got” the joke, Kix. Just wasn’t funny.

8:47 Alan Jackson is awesome.

8:41 They won Video, too???? This is like when Vince would host and sweep, except he was actually good at hosting and making music. Blech.

8:40 Craig Wiseman has been living high on the hog. He’s going to eat that CMA award as soon as he gets backstage.

8:39 I “believe” this song is getting way too many awards. Boooooooooo!

8:38 “Song” Please don’t go to “Believe.” I can’t watch those guys win twice, sing and host, all in 40 minutes.

8:37 Lee Ann is refreshingly sober. And somber. Belle of the ball last year didn’t get a nod.

8:33 Gretchen’s singing with John Rich. First verse and the song is already better than anything on her last CD. Kick that sophomore slump to the curb!

8:32 Sara Evans is cheering on that song about not settlin’. She looks hot, now that she’s single.

8:29 Good for them. Sugarland is doing “Settlin'” from their new CD, instead of just doing the standard “current single” performance. I like this cut a lot. Nettles has unbelievable stage charisma.

8:28 Why are B&D referring to Sugarland as a group, when they’re obviously a duo now?

8:24 First 40th Anniversary clip is Johnny & June doing “Jackson.” How creative.

8:23 The man plays a mean guitar, though. He should let others do the writing and stick to the picking.

8:22 Wow, Brad’s wife looked pissed when they cut to her in the audience. That face says, “Write a better song for me next time, asshole.”

8:21 This song wasn’t very good when Garth wrote it ten years ago and called it “She’s Every Woman.”

8:19 Oh, look. It’s Bob Saget. In a cowboy hat.

8:17 Maybe a bit too much edge? Hell, she still sounds better than most anybody else on a good day. Why does the sound always suck on this show?

8:15 Carrie’s up. Maybe getting gipped will put an extra edge in her voice.

8:10 B&D got Single of the Year???? What a joke.

8:09 LeAnn is presenting with Bon Jovi boys. She’s looking good.

8:06 Eva Longoria must’ve drawn the short straw at the ABC studios.

8:05 No such luck. B&D are hosting, and it’s already one bad joke after another.

8:01 Brooks & Dunn are getting some vocal help from Vince Gill and Sheryl Crow. They need it. Maybe Vince will stick around to host?