Rodney Carrington, “Show Them to Me”

This could’ve been an absolute train wreck, since it’s just a comedian running down euphemisms for breasts as he implores the woman to “show them to me.”   However,  it’s pretty darn funny, with only one “fun bag” reference falling flat and the rest of them delivering.

What I love about the single is that it also doubles as a satire of every self-important “message” country song that has saturated the airwaves in recent years.   His vocal is anything but tongue-in-cheek; you’d think he really was singing about world peace.   Even better, the choir that shows up in the second chorus sounds borrowed from Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing”, adding an extra dose of self-importance.     By the end, he’s wrapping it in the American flag and the faux patriotism that saturated the genre back when it seemed the best way to sell records:  “If you love your country, then show them to me.”

I was tempted to give it a Double D for a grade, but I’ll stick to the scale I use for the rest of the singles.

Grade: A-

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