544853_22199986.jpgSo, here’s a question for all of you:

Where should the line be drawn between free speech and good taste? I’ve been struggling with this question over the past couple of months, as readership has grown to include many casual visitors who are mostly interested in one or two threads involving certain artists.

The most recent example: My review of Carrie Underwood’s new single, “I’ll Stand By You.” Allowing comments that disagree with the review are a given, but what to make of those horrible allegations of an eating disorder on her part? It’s entirely irrelevant to the topic, in addition to being a depraved point of focus on the part of those bringing it up.

I have to say, my gut instinct is to delete them, even though the other posters on that thread have taken that person to task already. Does that mean the problem has corrected itself? Can I count on that happening each time out?

I guess I’m struggling with where to draw the line. Any racial slur would be an automatic deletion, though none have occurred as of yet. I have deleted many vulgar comments and the many gay-bashing comments that have popped up. Those are a given. On the other hand, political statements that I vehemently disagree with I would never delete, as I feel that would go against the true spirit of free speech.

So what do you guys think? Fellow bloggers, current readers: Should I be more active in censoring things like this? And what the heck should I do about people posting under multiple names using the same IP address, in an attempt to reinforce their own positions?