Amy Dalley, “Let’s Try Goodbye”

Curb Records is continuing its maddening approach with Dalley’s debut album: keep throwing singles at radio until one sticks, and keeping the album shelved until one does. The travesty is that while there hasn’t been a big hit yet, Dalley received signficant airplay for “Men Don’t Change” and the stunning “I Would Cry”, but rather than see if consumers would back her, Curb has kept the project at bay.

So here we are in 2007, with another track from the long-delayed project being sent to radio. “Let’s Try Goodbye” is one of her strongest efforts yet, a convincing break-up song by a woman who wants to hold on but realizes it’s pointless, and she loves the man she’s leaving too much to hate him, which she will if she stays. There’s a neat trick of keeping the pace slow during the verses, building during the bridge and having a powerful, up-tempo chorus that works well without sounding gimmicky. Hopefully radio will bite so we can hear the rest of the album, though with a couple of more singles, the whole damn thing will have already been sent to radio.

Grade: A-

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