You don’t hear country voices like this that much anymore. It seems like most women to come down the pike over the past few years have been belting divas are growling redneck girls. Newcomer Crystal Shawanda has a gritty voice that cracks at just the right moments, and she never gets in the way of the song, which is a common rookie mistake.

As for the song itself, I’ll just say that even a casual country fan will realize where this is going after the first verse finds a five year-old girl saying “You can let go, Daddy”, as she’s riding her bike for the first time. But a choice was made to go for small, revealing details over big, sappy sentiments, and Shawanda’s heartfelt performance, unaffected and sincere, is a perfect match for such an understated song.

I knew where “You Can Let Go” was going to end up by the third verse, but I was still choked up by it, as the songwriters painted an achingly accurate portrait. I won’t give away the lyrics here, but if you’ve witnessed this in your own life, you’ll know that the way they describe it is exactly what it’s really like.

Written by Cory Batten, Kent Blazy & Rory Lee Feek

Grade: A

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