Dolly Parton is a pro.  Not only is her voice as strong as ever, at the age of 62, she can still expertly keep up with the modern sound of country music. While “Better Get To Livin’”, the lead single from her upcoming album Backwoods Barbie, was very good, this one is even better.

While this song was not written by her, it might as well have been. In this song, Dolly acknowledges that something more than “dumb luck” is responsible for her success. She sings, “Every time I get too high up on my horse, I fall.” She admits that there are times when she acts as though her success is all her own doing, but then something reminds her that it’s Jesus who “lifts her up” and Gravity that “holds her down.”

In less capable hands, this song could be trite, however, Dolly’s strength and humility penetrate quite sincerely and she delivers a powerful performance that is worthy of a church revival. In addition, Dolly, once again, proves that she can hold her own as the front woman of a gospel choir.

Written by Betsy Ulmer & Craig Wiseman

Grade: A

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