Back to work.  Meh.  Good day to focus on the negative.

Entertainment Weekly has a feature up now called 22 Rock Heroes You Just Don’t Get.   Readers submitted the names of rock legends that they simply can’t get into, and don’t understand the appeal of.

I’ve got a few country legends that I feel the same way about, but I’ll limit myself to one and open up the floor to the rest of you.

The Country Legend I Just Don’t Get:

Charley Pride

By every standard imaginable, he’s a legend, but I can’t name another artist of his stature who has made so little music that I find enjoyable.   I dig “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” and “You’re So Good When You’re Bad”, two of his 36 #1 hits.  As for the other 34 and everything else he’s done, it all simply doesn’t do it for me.

I want to like Charley Pride.  He seems genuinely nice and has a great stage presence.   I just don’t like most of his songs, or his style of singing, for that matter.  Perhaps the latter is the cause of the former.

So there’s the country legend that I don’t get.  How about you?