I have a tendency to blog in a vacuum.   The combination of work and school makes updating and maintaining my own site a challenge, so I don’t get as much time as I’d like to comment on the other awesome country music blogs.

Thankfully, Leeann is the best ambassador Country Universe could possibly have, and I always smile when I read her comments on a blog that I’ve just discovered for the first time.  It’s just one of the reasons she’s so indispensable around here!

Anyway, today seems like a good day to send out some love to some sites already on my blog roll.  Hopefully, you’ll learn about some new, great sites out there and share some that I’ve missed in the comments.    When I started doing this four years ago, I felt like a voice in the wilderness, and now I feel like a voice in the crowd.  I like the latter a lot better!

Country Mike

Mike’s blog is a great addition to the stellar Country Standard Time site, keeping the focus on both music and current events in the industry.  As a fellow northeastern guy who also took good-natured ribbing for my country music preference in high school, I’m happy he keeps waving that flag!

Country Music Central

Cowboybleau’s site is the place to go for mainstream country music fans.   Many country blogs, including my own, tend to have their own niche, and rarely is that niche contemporary country music.   At Country Music Central, you get the much-needed perspective of a writer who embraces today’s biggest artists, while also respecting the history that came before them.   I love seeing things from his vantage point.

Country Music Mood

This is a blog for the iPod generation!  In addition to covering country music news, Heather compiles themed lists that are perfect for mp3 players.  So far, she’s produced lists about everything from rednecks to anniversaries, and for every milestone in life.     Also, her running coverage of Nashville Star has helped shape my view of the contest as a whole.

Gaby Thinks Too Much!

In addition to a snarky sense of humor to go with her B.S. detector, Gaby is also the go-to gal for the latest Carrie Underwood highlights.  As a fan of Underwood from the very beginning, I’m happy to have a blogger like Gabby out there, even if I spend far too much time hitting the replay button on the “I Know You Won’t” performance she found.    It sure beats that Vitamin Water commercial!


This is the best presentation of country music that I’ve ever seen on the internet.   Concise, up-to-date, and in narrative form, with an added dose of humor for extra kick.    Plus, we share a common history in that we both had a childhood crush on Olivia Newton-John, so I might be his only reader who got the “A Little More Love” reference.  And it gets me nowhere…

iCF Music

This has always been one of my favorites.   Songs that have fallen through the cracks are brought to the forefront, giving readers the chance to catch great music they might have missed.   Which gets expensive, my friends, as his taste is impeccable.

Nashville 95

A healthy combination of country music and Nashville-related items, this site makes me sentimental for the years I spent living in the Athens of the South.  Anybody who lives in Nashville now, or gets there from time to time, should check in regularly.

Nashville Now

Mike began updating again after doing a lot of soul-searching about what he wanted his blog to be.  I highly recommend reading his post, “I’m Back, and Why I Went Away”.  I only wish I could be so candid and articulate about the “why” behind the many what’s that I do.

The 9513

The most comprehensive country music resource out there.   If it’s not on The 9513, it probably didn’t happen.  With a diverse group of talented writers who are always willing to challenge the conventional wisdom, they’re the water cooler of the country music blogosphere.

Squinty Dan’s

This is probably my favorite blog discovery this year.   Dan’s musical insights are always worth reading, but his personal reflections truly enrich the site.   Always thought-provoking, his writing is interesting, no matter what the topic is.

Still is Still Moving

All Willie, all the time!