“Cheater, Cheater”, the debut song from Joey + Rory, made me laugh out loud. This husband and wife duo, who has recently emerged from CMT’s Can You Duet, doesn’t mince words. In the song, Joey (the lead vocalist) claims “Now I’m not one to judge someone that I ain’t never met”, but continues with “But to lay your hand on a married man’s bout as low as a gal can get/Hey I wish her well as she rots in hell and you can tell her I said so/Cheater cheater where’d you meet that no good white trash ho?”

Joey + Rory (who is already a successful songwriter in his own right) seem to have definite potential. Their harmony is tight, their first single’s production is pleasantly traditional, complete with dobros and fiddles, and the song is catchy.

While “Cheater, Cheater” is unlikely to become a classic and even threatens to fall into the novelty song category, it is fun and is at least worth a few listens for amusement’s sake.

Written by Rory Feek, Joey Martin, Kristy Osmunson, and Wynn Varble

Grade: B

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