I’m thinking of making this the regular Thursday open thread, so let’s see how it goes!

Pick one track – either an album cut or a relatively unknown single – that you think is truly fantastic.  Tell us why you picked it and what album it came from, so we can go download it ourselves!

My choice this week:

George Strait, “I Met a Friend of Yours Today” – from the 1996 album Lead On

I can’t believe this wasn’t a single, though that album produced four great ones anyway.   Strait comes home from work, and tells his wife he’s lost his appetite, but he wouldn’t mind her fixing him a drink.  “Oh by the way,” he mentions, “I met a friend of yours today.”  He stopped by a bar on the other side of town, and heard a man talking about her, and it was obvious “he knew you well.”   Strait’s nuanced vocal builds layers of anger, shame and hurt on a foundation of betrayal and disappointment.   It’s a classic performance.

What track do you recommend?