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7 Responses to “CMA Awards”

  1. Maureen McCole Says:

    If George Strait ain’t going home with the EOTY Award, he deserves to go home with Male Vocalist, Best Song, Best Single, and Album of the Year.

    The man is magic.

  2. Su Agbaje Says:

    If anyone should win everything he’s been nominated for this year, it should be Keith Urban. He has brought so many people from other music genre (old, young,male & female) into country music; thus increasing the viewing audience & revenue. Point in question, have you been to any of his concerts this year yet? Did you view his performance on line on “Live Earth”? The guy is all over talent & showmanship plus he has a lot of fun sharing it with his audience.

    Keith Urban is magically magnetic, amazingly talented, multi-instrumentalist, fun loving, charismatic, considerate of his fans, extraordinary performer & an awesome entertainer !!!!!!

  3. Margie Says:

    Su Agbaje……I agree 100% with everything you said!! Keith is the total amazing package! He will always be in Kenny Chesney’s shadow though, but to me Keith is the EOTY and MV every year!

  4. jojofm Says:

    LeAnn Rimes should have been nominated for Best Female Vocalist she had a great year.

  5. cheyanne Says:

    george strait desevers everyone of them he is just sooooo coool i love him he sings really good and my mom and dad just love his songs

  6. Zach Says:

    this year (2008) is all Sugarland ^^

  7. Jonathon Says:

    Once again, the Canadians are vastly underrepresented here! We have several people who are much better than the ones who are nominated for the awards this year – it just doe snot make sense that they are all overlooked, every time. For the ACMs, that makes sense, but for this, they really should be there. Grrr.

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